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Staying functional, strong, fit and supple can improve both your golf game and your business.

When we feel less than 100% our work and our play suffers. We all want to improve with age, not decline - so it's important to take action, and ensure we're getting the right support, and doing the right training, to get the most out of life.

How to be at your best, and stay there

A postural and orthopedic assessment is the perfect place to start to set up your body with the long term in mind.
  • Correct muscle imbalance that is causing you pain, niggles, discomfort and repeating injury
  • Become pain free, more flexible, mobile, stable and strong and perform better at your sport with decreased risk of injuries.

Michelle Owen is an expert coach and postural specialist

Michelle is highly experienced and is a trained CHEK practitioner (Corrective High-performance Exercise Kinesiologist), ELDOA (spinal decompression) and Myofascial stretching expert. She’s also a strength coach and a well-regarded wellness coach and speaker. Michelle is well known for her passionate commitment to her clients – she really believes that specialised training and support can help them achieve their performance goals.  
functional strength training

10 sessions: private training must be used within 12 months.

Contact Michelle today Enquiries for high-performance / corporate training and speaking opportunities welcome