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"Motivational, fun, practical and interesting, Michelle Owen’s Wellness Seminars teach participants how to produce remarkable positive differences in their overall wellness."

The foundation of Michelle's seminars are structured from the C.H.E.K Institute Nutrition and Holistic Lifestyle Coaching fundamentals. They bring together and teach an awareness of a range of health, wellness, body structure and postural pain relief principles. Seminar durations can be tailored to specific needs and in general revolve around 60, 90 minute or half day time spans. Seminars and workshops that Michelle has presented in the past includes the following topics.

"Double Your Energy"

This powerful 3-hour workshop is one of Michelle's most popular topics. This workshop has been designed to teach participants how to create more energy in their lives. Whether your goal is to get more done at work, have more happy energy for your family, have a better sex life, or improve overall energy levels to achieve more each day, this workshop will teach participants practical skills and techniques that they can use immediately, and are easy to master. Participants will learn how to get a good and sound night's sleep, and feel energized when you wake up; the important role that digestion plays for optimal energy, and how to revitalize it; how to truly manage your thoughts and emotions to improve your overall health; how being aware of your posture can energize your body and mind; and how small changes in key areas can bring huge improvements in your overall health and wellness.

"Swiss Ball Training - An Inexpensive Tool to Stabilize"

The Swiss Ball is an amazing tool if you know how to use it.  It is one inexpensive piece of equipment you can use to stabilize and strengthen your body in all 3 planes of movement without the need to leave home.  Learning to use a Swiss ball correctly will create body awareness, eliminate pain as you get stronger and develop correct body position, and make a strong, toned healthy butt, back and abdominals. In this workshop, you will learn skilled exercises to create a strong stable body and eliminate pain, and learn how to advance these skilled exercises to increase your stability and strength over time.

"Strong and Stable - Eliminate Pain through Improved Posture"

Poor posture positions can add 10 years to the face and body, and cause a great deal of pain and dysfunction. In this 3 hour workshop, participants will learn an incredibly important skill-set of postural exercises which can be implemented immediately to help relieve postural discomfort - an incredibly important tool for life. This important workshop will teach participants to see and experience what 'good posture' really looks like, including correct postural positions for sitting standing, and driving, and the necessary exercise to improve your posture for life.

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