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"Michelle Owen is energetic, enthusiastic, educational and entertaining – all of which come across strongly in her speeches and presentations."

Practical and motivational, Michelle walks the talk in terms of health and fitness, having spent 25 years immersed in the field.

It is this deep experience and passion, combined with her no-nonsense, practical approach that makes Michelle a popular and sought-after keynote speaker and corporate wellness presenter. Michelle' extensive professional background, especially as a C.H.E.K. Practitioner, allows her to engage with all types of audiences, at all levels – from health professionals and athletes to corporate executives or conference sessions. Added to this is her rich life experience full of challenges, which gives her the ability to understand and encourage people to improve their health, fitness and wellness, in a motivating and more importantly, achievable way. Using real-life case studies and examples throughout her keynote presentations, Michelle demonstrates best practice and successful approaches, offering clear and easy-to-implement methods and practices to incorporate into every day life.
  • Cutting-edge information
    Michelle is dedicated to her own ongoing professional development, therefore her material is always fresh and cutting-edge.
  • Rich life experience
    Having worked with clients nationally and internationally, Michelle has seen a myriad of challenges and has a long record of successful results and stories.
  • Personable and engaging
    Michelle is a member of the National Speakers Association and Thought Leaders, and knows how to deliver memorable information.

Examples of past keynote presentations

Double Your Energy

Michelle provides valuable insights into how you can improve and sustain your energy levels, ensuring resilience to life's stresses and demands. With quality information, she reveals how achieving optimal health can transform your life.

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Holistic Health

Learn about the 6 key foundation principles of health and wellness, and how to improve quality of life and overall energy by addressing the body as a whole, not just one component. This is essential information that everyone should know and is a popular presentation.

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Strong & Stable

Learn about postural alignment, how to get rid of pain and discomfort (long term), and how to create a strong and stable body for joint, organ, and spine support. Understand what exercise choice is right for you, and how to build a strong foundation.

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Pain & Injury Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation begins from the inside out. Understand how pain manifests in the body, drains our energy and hinders our ability to concentrate on the things we want in life - like work, family, fun, and more.

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Interested in booking Michelle for your next conference? In her private practice, Michelle works with people from all walks of life including those who want to improve health or postural problems, recover from injury or surgery, or improve high performance athletic achievements. She leverages this vast experience in her presentations, with an entertaining and enthusiastic approach that shares quality and implementable information. If you are interested in Michelle speaking at your next conference or event, contact her today to discuss your requirements or to request an information pack.

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Testimonials from Corporate Wellness Clients


The wellness seminars that Michelle ran for us at BDO were perfectly targeted for our needs and fitted well into our wellness initiatives.

The information was presented in and informative and interactive manner which ensured all those attending took away the maximum information that was tailored to their unique circumstances. It was the right mix of science and practical tips to give it credibility but easy to understand and apply to your own life. I would love to have Michelle in for a longer seminar as I really feel there were tangible benefits for our staff. - Debra Ryan , BDO Auckland

As an employer, Mobico is keen to help our people live and work to their full potential. Personal wellbeing is central to this.

During 2009 Michelle was contracted as an educator and advisor to our team. She and I worked closely together in putting together a program focused on nutrition and work-life balance. Michelle knows her stuff and I found her adaptable and easy to work with. The team responded well to her communication style, the seminars and follow up sessions. - Aldas Palubinskas , Mobico

I am writing to you to acknowledge your efforts in regard to recent delivery of training to staff in nutrition, health, fitness and regimes relating to shift work (at Police Northern Communications Centre).

The majority of our 200 staff have now attended your 2 hour sessions. I have received strong feedback from staff commenting on your manner of delivery and the positive benefits and subsequent results from the training delivery. I personally have seen change in behaviour in that staff are now drinking much more liquids and some have greatly improved their diets and quality of food. Some staff have also commenced exercise. We are hopeful that your efforts will have tangible effects on absenteeism and sickness given the high stressors that can affect our staff. - Kerry Watson , Police Northern Communications Centre

Michelle Owen was one of our key speakers at our Wellness Programme.

Michelle was a dynamic speaker and the 6 Foundation Principles seminar was a fantastic fit to the holistic approach we were taking through the programme. The seminar was engaging and well received by all levels of the firm. A number of our people have continued to work with Michelle on a 1:1 basis following the seminar. - Sophie Cawse , Kensington Swan