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"As a Level 3 qualified CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Michelle will provide simple approaches that can have a significant effect on the performance of athletes, and corporates wanting to get more out of each and every day."

Holistic Lifestyle Coaching (HLC) produces life-changing results by focusing exclusively on sustainable, healthy lifestyle changes.

Michelle’s holistic approach involves working one-on-one with her clients, assessing their health and lifestyle needs to base a completely unique programme that can fit withing their everyday lifestyle, integrating and addressing all areas, taking a holistic approach to each individual's needs. Michelle uses two essential processes to achieve results:
  • 1
  • Helping you better understand the principles behind correct eating, hydration, exercise, sleep, thought, breath, and stress management for your unique needs

  • 2
  • Coaching you through a customised programme of behavioural and thought changes aimed at enhancing your health, wellbeing and happiness. The programme factors in realistic targets for your health and physical conditions.

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Common reasons for athletes and corporates to take a holistic approach

  • Remove Chronic Fatigue Syndrome symptoms
    Athletes and corporates can become over-stressed, run-down and pressured from all aspects of life. Going through the HLC programme will address all areas, with the aim of reducing stress levels and increasing overall energy to eliminate common issues such as chronic fatigue.
  • Improve digestive function and health
    Commonly athletes have issues with digestion and general health due to the diet required to maintain energy for daily training requirements. The HLC programme will address these issues, ensuring that the athlete is still getting the necessary protein and nutrient requirements.
  • Correct hormonal imbalances and improve organ function
    Commonly with high levels of intensive training, there are resulting hormonal imbalances and organ dysfunction. If you are experiencing bowel issues, hormonal issues or anything that impacts how you feel day to day, then an HLC approach may be the solution that you need.
  • Reduce overall physical stress
    Stress is a performance inhibitor. If you are constantly tired, are taking too long to recover after training, or not improving in your training, then the HLC approach will be able to address both your training and recovery levels to get you back to optimal levels. 

Michelle takes a big picture view of health - looking at all the components that affect a person's energy levels and overall wellbeing - including breathing, diet, posture, stress, hydration & exercises tailored specifically to each client's needs.

What people are saying...


I always knew I my posture wasn’t great, but didn’t pay much attention to the impact it was having on my life;  physically the aches, pains, lack of movement, but also physiologically the confidence & motivation.

I was surprised that even after the first session I felt so much better. The simple exercises she showed me in alleviated some of the achiness almost immediately. The exercises were not complicated, or time-consuming but done regularly really made a difference. Having the little videos to check that technique was correct certainly helped. We have progressed with the exercises over that time and I have a program and a library of videos as reference to ensure techniques are correct, it’s like having Michelle checking while I’m at home. After 3 months, the posture has improved and the impact on my life now is positive in so many ways, physically & physiologically. My sporting interest is Triathlons, I have noticed great improvement in my training, it helps so much to know where my body should be and how to use it correctly to prevent future injury. Thanks Michelle, it’s been life changing! - Angela , Financial Accountant

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More about the 6 Foundation Principles that form the basis of Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

  • 1
  • Stress

    Stress can come from many areas, including, negative thoughts, poor food quality, dehydration, poor posture and pain, electromagnetic pollution, emotions, work or financial stress, lack of sleep etc. By understanding where we can take load off our system with good basic living, we can feel extremely empowered.

  • 2
  • Breathing

    Breath is our life force! Shallow breathing leads to many dysfunctions. Neck pain, headaches, acidity, toxicity, low energy. Learn to breathe diaphragmatically for long term health.

  • 3
  • Nutrition

    You are what you eat! Understand what good quality food is and how it gives us cellular integrity to make strong and healthy bodies, and the right types of food to eat for you.

  • 4
  • Hydration

    Every one knows we should drink water! How much do YOU need on a daily basis? What happens when you don’t? Learn how much you need for your unique body.

  • 5
  • Quality Exercise

    Too much, too little, the wrong type for your body can all be major stressors. How do you know what your body needs? Learn how to train right for your body.

  • 6
  • Good sleep

    Physical and psychological repair and recovery depend on a good night’s sleep. Find out what stops you sleeping well or feeling recovered upon waking!

Learn more about what an HLC assessment involves

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