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"Michelle's specialty is taking athletes with postural / structural issues and correcting them to become free of restriction and pain, to perform nationally and internationally at optimal levels."

Because every sports person is different, each has a different response to exercise as well as to the specific conditioning and exercise methods appropriate for your sport. When I am working with you and your coach (if you have one) for high performance training, I work to first correct any muscle imbalances within your body. Then we will strengthen the entire body. Once that’s achieved, we move on to Sports Specific Training that is designed to mimic and train the muscle movements used in your sport, with a programme that is designed to take you to the levels of performance that you're after.

As a Level 3 C.H.E.K. Practitioner and Level 3 CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach Michelle's training approach takes a "whole" - i.e. holistic - look at each individual's needs and structural requirements, taking a three-stage approach with her clients.

  • 1
  • Correct any muscle imbalances

  • 2
  • Strengthen the body

  • 3
  • Specialised high performance training programme

What some of my clients are saying...

Max Gillespie

After fracturing my neck in a surfing accident I chose Michelle Owen and CHEK training as my means of recovery.

I had read an athlete's biography in a Surf magazine about how he had made amazing changes using the CHEK program. I was looking to recover from not only my neck injury but also to address many other areas of my body that where sore that other Health professionals had failed to correct over many years. Coming so close to paralyses my realisation was that I wanted to improve the way I feel in all areas of my life. Michelle and the training (CHEK) she does is proving to be the ultimate change. After only a few weeks of learning and doing the skilled exercises, the pain in my shoulder, lower back, hips, hamstrings and calf muscles had all disappeared. To say the least I was amazed at the results and I could now concentrate on the recovery of my neck injury and get really functional and strong for my work as a builder and my sport surfing. Michelle has a wealth of knowledge of what is needed to get your body back on track and eliminate the risk of further injury through your work, sport or exercise. CHEK training has also helped me with my diet and hydration which has boosted my energy levels and created a healthier mind. Michelle Owen and CHEK training has changed my life for the better. - Max Gillespie
Sheena Ross

I have had back pain for several years (very common for serious horse riders) and came to Michelle to get help with the pain.

I am a full time dressage rider and breeder. I spend several hours a day riding and I am a serious competitor. I need to be fit and strong to be competitive. Michelle was able to tell me why I was so sore. Her in depth analysis of my posture and strength showed some very weak areas that I was not aware of. We are addressing these areas and already I have much less pain. The really exciting thing is that I am riding so much better than before. I am stronger in my position on the horse. My riding trainer says she can see a big improvement. Best of all I can feel the improvement in my posture. I look forward to continuing working with Michelle and hope to ride competitively for many years to come! I highly recommend her and her methods. - Sheena Ross

Take your program with you!

As an athlete, you want the best information available to assist you in achieving optimal performance levels. My clients gain access to a powerful online software programme that offers detailed videos and instructions for every exercise that is assigned to your individual programme. All programme updates track improvements and are based against your progress, ensuring that you are progressing towards your goals. My approach is about continuous improvement, and follows a cycle of assessment > educate > execute > review. This cycle guarantees results.

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Online Training

Some of the services I provide for athletes and sportspeople

Functional Sports Specific Training and Conditioning

  • You can only be as strong as your weakest point! Optimal conditioning, training and health for your sport. As a C.H.E.K Practitioner I am trained to work with you and your coach to optimise your athletic performance, working with you to achieve a balanced foundation in your physical body as well as your overall health and wellness. I do this through the following:
  • In-depth assessment and methods that stabilize your core
  • Improve your overall strength and balance
  • Increase your function and explosive power
  • Enhance your agility and speed in the sport of your choice

Corrective Stretching or Myofascial Stretching

Corrective stretching is one of the most healing things you can do for your body. Whether you are an athlete or a housewife, it is imperative to stretch the tight muscles that create dysfunction, pain and tightness. Most people have muscle imbalance to varying degrees. Learn to stretch correctly to rectify this. It gives you long-term structural repair so your body will last the distance. You will feel a sense of freedom, blood flow, and more sensation after myofascial stretching. Extremely powerful, these stretching techniques focus on stretching the facial sheathes that surround and interconnect all the muscles, nerves and organs of the body. Unlike conventional stretching, which focuses on individual muscles, myofacial stretching focuses on the fascia that connects muscles to other muscles. When we put particular tension on myofacial chains of the body, not only do we stretch the localized muscle but also the muscles attached to muscles throughout the whole system. Myofacial stretching is essential for maintaining long term health and function, pain free movement, and ridding scar tissue from the body.

Postural Stability

  • Whether you want to recover from injury, surgery, remove and maintain pain-free movement, boost sports performance or improve your overall appearance, Michelle Owen, as a C.H.E.K Practitioner will help you. She will coach and guide you to achieve a balanced foundation in your physical body. From individuals who just want to be healthier, to elite athletes requiring specific conditioning and training, creating a sound postural foundation to support your body in its optimal position of strength is vital. Learning to stabilise the support muscles of your body is a key to future mobility and the foundation for strengthening the body long term.
  • Elite athletes requiring specific conditioning and training
  • Individuals who want to be healthier
  • A person recovering from injury or surgery

Core Stability

If you take away your arms, legs and your head, you are basically left with the Core - your back and abdominals. The Core is the only thing that joins our upper body to our lower body. Although the rib cage houses and protects all of the major organs in the upper thorax, it is the four layers of abdominal muscle that support and protect the viscera (organs) of the lower thorax. These four muscle layers wrap around the entire abdomen in multiple directions. When working properly they also assist in supporting good circulation and healthy organ function. Everyone needs a Core that functions and stabilizes; the degree of strength and function you need comes down to your daily activities, sport, fun and function.