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"Corporate Training is targeted, effective, and results-based training. Get a maximal workout every session, targeted to your unique needs to allow you to perform well at work and in life."

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As an experienced corrective exercise kinesiologist and postural and orthopedic assessment practitioner, Michelle's approach is unique, taking a holistic look at each individual's needs and structural requirements for a unique and individualised training approach.

As a corporate, you need to have a strong balanced body to keep your mind as fit and healthy as the body that carries it. I enjoy working with corporates because at the CEO / Executive level, discipline is inherent and outcomes-focused thinking is critical, and these are two distinct traits that see people undergo significant transformations and results. As a busy professional, I can help you get the results you are after. After initially assessing your needs, we will focus on strengthening the body in the areas that it needs to create balance in preparation for progressing to a specialsed programme that will maximise each training session and deliver real results.

Michelle takes a 3-staged approach with her clients

  • 1
  • Correct any muscle imbalances

  • 2
  • Strengthen the body

  • 3
  • Specialised training programme

Do you have ongoing pain or injuries? Do you want to perform at your best? Take the first step today!

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Michelle Owen delivered a great seminar to our members.

It was well catered for based on the different levels of knowledge within the group and covered a broad range of topics. Michelle was very knowledgeable and easy to follow. Members were definitely left with wanting to hear more from Michelle. We look forward to having her back to talk to our members - Natalia Foster-Moan , Les Mills Takapuna

Michelle Owen is an exciting Health and Wellness expert who brought an element of fun and learning to our team's Wellness session.

Michelle was extremely helpful and accommodating in helping us put together a session on the principles and practice of wellness which we could experience individually and as a team - she worked hard to give us a session that suited our budget and needs, and was very accessible throughout the planning stages to discuss options. We all left her session feeling motivated, invigorated, and happy to work with Michelle again. - Lauren Lau , Westpac New Zealand

Overview of some of the training services that I offer

Functional Training and Conditioning

You can only be as strong as your weakest point! By first correcting any muscle imbalances through functional-based exercise, I can work with you to achieve a balanced foundation in your physical body as well as your overall health and wellness. I achieve this through an in-depth assessment and methods that stabilise your core; improving your overall strength and balance; increasing your function and explosive power; and enhancing your functional strength for full body balance.

Corrective Stretching or Myofascial Stretching

Corrective stretching is one of the most healing things you can do for your body. Whether you are an athlete or a housewife, it is imperative to stretch the tight muscles that create dysfunction, pain and tightness. Most people have muscle imbalance to varying degrees. Learn to stretch correctly to rectify this. It gives you long-term structural repair so your body will last the distance. You will feel a sense of freedom, blood flow, and more sensation after myofascial stretching. Extremely powerful, these stretching techniques focus on stretching the facial sheathes that surround and interconnect all the muscles, nerves and organs of the body. Unlike conventional stretching, which focuses on individual muscles, myofacial stretching focuses on the fascia that connects muscles to other muscles. When we put particular tension on myofacial chains of the body, not only do we stretch the localised muscle but also the muscles attached to muscles throughout the whole system. Myofacial stretching is essential for maintaining long-term health and function, pain free movement, and ridding scar tissue from the body.

Postural Stability

Whether you want to recover from injury, surgery, remove and maintain pain-free movement, boost sports performance or improve your overall appearance, I can help you. Creating a sound postural foundation to support your body in its optimal position of strength is vital. Learning to stabilise the support muscles of your body is a key to future mobility and the foundation for strengthening the body long term. This is ideal for individuals requiring specific conditioning and training for a sports team or upcoming event; individuals who want to be healthier; someone recovering from injury or surgery; or if pain is preventing you from working at your full potential.

Core Stability

If you take away your arms, legs and your head, you are basically left with the Core - your back and abdominals. The Core is the only thing that joins our upper body to our lower body. Although the rib cage houses and protects all of the major organs in the upper thorax, it is the four layers of abdominal muscle that support and protect the viscera (organs) of the lower thorax. These four muscle layers wrap around the entire abdomen in multiple directions. When working properly they also assist in supporting good circulation and healthy organ function. Everyone needs a Core that functions and stabilizes; the degree of strength and function you need comes down to your daily activities, sport, fun and function,