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Michelle Owen is one of New Zealand's most experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated health and fitness practitioners.

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Having worked professionally in the industry for over 25 years, Michelle's role is simple - to help people fulfill their potential and lead healthier lives.

Many things lead people to Michelle, from long-term posture problems, to sports injuries, surgery and accidents. Her expertise ranges from injury, to rehabilitation, to high performance exercise, and anything in between. However her true specialty lies in helping athletes achieve optimal performance through postural/structural correction. Outside of working with people, Michelle is also a member of the National Speakers Association. She presents wellness seminars to groups and corporate and is an experienced keynote speaker on health, wellness, energy, posture, core stability, and long-term pain relief.
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"If you are thinking about taking some steps to improve your health and wellbeing then start by talking to Michelle Owen - it will change your life."

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Hyatt Regency Auckland

Michelle Owen was able to tailor her seminar to the business operations of our Hotel and the staff who work within them.

Michelle took into account the different challenges we all face in our lives and offered practical solutions to improve our lifestyles. Her seminar was very well received by all who attended. and her handouts have been a valuable resource to those who couldn't come. - HR -    Hyatt Regency Auckland
Rick D, Fonterra

After Michelle’s presentation I quickly realised that I was not a role model in terms of promoting good Health.

Before: - Poor breathing technique - Poor posture - Poor hydration (20+ cups of coffee a day) - Poor nutrition and eating habits (Main meal sometimes late at night) - 3 to 4 hours sleep a day - Long hours at work (sitting at computer) - Poor work life balance - Below are the changes I have made so far: Now: - Breathing diaphragmatically - Better posture - No more coffee, now drinking lots of water - Started eating breakfast and light meals at night (found this hard to change) - Up to 6 hours sleep a day - Reducing hours at work (included are lunch time river walks) - Working on work life balance Personally I got a lot out of this presentation and it has encouraged me to make quite a few lifestyle type changes. Much appreciated. -    Rick D, Fonterra
“TEC” – The Executive Connection

Michelle engaged us as an executive group delivering clear and focused value.

Her energy was exciting and it was great to have a person with strong opinions to direct and lead us. The members enjoyed her presentation and I would recommend her to mgt groups in the future. Well done Michelle! - Simon O'Shaughnessy Executive Coach | Business Creator | Regional Coordinator for TEC in NZ | Visionary Leader -    “TEC” – The Executive Connection
Benny Blair

I was frustrated with constant recurring muscular and joint problems.

I'm arthritic, and thought my exercise regime would always be restrained to low impact activities. This year after training with Michelle I have started running again for the first time in fifteen years, and achieved great results on the road and off country. My recurring problems have resided, I'm happily active again, and approximately an inch taller. Great posture and good sling patterns speak wonders for a healthy body. I highly recommend Michelle and her approach to training. -    Benny Blair
Joanna Rushton

I've now conducted two workshops at Michelle Owen's fabulous and functional studio.

The the studio itself is light and large perfect for the lecture style event I was teaching. The kitchen and amenities were perfect and our host Michelle, is eternally generous of spirit. I'm so looking forward to teaching there again. -   Author of #1 Amazon Best Seller 'Rocket Fuel on A Budget' Joanna Rushton
Janet Xuccoa

Dear Michelle, Just a quick note to thank you for being a Key Note Presenter at Auckland Vibe 2013.

From feedback, I can tell you the audience found your presentation very informative and motivating. Thank you so much for delivering such interesting snippets of information. You’re a fabulous presenter. -   Gilligan Rowe + Associates LP Janet Xuccoa

Interested in working with Michelle? Available for high-performance or corporate training and speaking opportunities