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Meet Michelle

Postural Specialist; Corrective High Performance Exercise Kinesiologist; Postural and Orthopedic Assessment Practitioner; Wellness Speaker; and Writer, Michelle has worked in the health and fitness industry for over 25 years. Based in New Zealand, she is regarded as one of the top trainers to see for correcting structural issues, particularly for athletes wanting to achieve high performance and see real results.

Michelle runs her own studio just out of Auckland City, a full high-performance and corrective exercise studio. She works with select athletes to correct postural imbalances to enable them to perform at their full capacity. Michelle is also a keynote speaker, offering a suite of wellness seminars to corporates that share easy-to-implement wellness principles with professionals for long-term health.

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Train with Michelle

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Keynote Speaker & Presenter

Specialising in corporate wellness seminars, I present to large groups around creating optimal wellness and long-term health, tailored to each business or conference, as required. I also present at fitness and health conferences.

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Writer & Contributor

I regularly contribute to a number of publications, having written for Woman's Weekly; NZ Business magazine; and more feature publications, as well as a regular contributor to Ponsonby News and National Business Review.

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Level 3 C.H.E.K. Practitioner

C.H.E.K. Practitioners understand that the body is a system of many complex inter-related systems that all affect each other. They are highly skilled in human biomechanics, orthopaedic rehabilitation, and sports performance.

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Level 3 Holistic Lifestyle Coach

A key component of what I specialise in is focused around optimal wellness. This includes looking at the "whole" picture based on the six foundation life principles - hydration, nutrition, thought, movement, sleep, and breath.

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Client feedback...

Michelle Owen was able to tailor her seminar to the business operations of our Hotel and the staff who work within them.

Michelle took into account the different challenges we all face in our lives and offered practical solutions to improve our lifestyles. Her seminar was very well received by all who attended. and her handouts have been a valuable resource to those who couldn't come. - HR -    Hyatt Regency Auckland

After Michelle’s presentation I quickly realised that I was not a role model in terms of promoting good Health.

Before: - Poor breathing technique - Poor posture - Poor hydration (20+ cups of coffee a day) - Poor nutrition and eating habits (Main meal sometimes late at night) - 3 to 4 hours sleep a day - Long hours at work (sitting at computer) - Poor work life balance - Below are the changes I have made so far: Now: - Breathing diaphragmatically - Better posture - No more coffee, now drinking lots of water - Started eating breakfast and light meals at night (found this hard to change) - Up to 6 hours sleep a day - Reducing hours at work (included are lunch time river walks) - Working on work life balance Personally I got a lot out of this presentation and it has encouraged me to make quite a few lifestyle type changes. Much appreciated. -    Rick D, Fonterra

Michelle engaged us as an executive group delivering clear and focused value.

Her energy was exciting and it was great to have a person with strong opinions to direct and lead us. The members enjoyed her presentation and I would recommend her to mgt groups in the future. Well done Michelle! - Simon O'Shaughnessy Executive Coach | Business Creator | Regional Coordinator for TEC in NZ | Visionary Leader -    “TEC” – The Executive Connection

I was frustrated with constant recurring muscular and joint problems.

I'm arthritic, and thought my exercise regime would always be restrained to low impact activities. This year after training with Michelle I have started running again for the first time in fifteen years, and achieved great results on the road and off country. My recurring problems have resided, I'm happily active again, and approximately an inch taller. Great posture and good sling patterns speak wonders for a healthy body. I highly recommend Michelle and her approach to training. -    Benny Blair

I've now conducted two workshops at Michelle Owen's fabulous and functional studio.

The the studio itself is light and large perfect for the lecture style event I was teaching. The kitchen and amenities were perfect and our host Michelle, is eternally generous of spirit. I'm so looking forward to teaching there again. -   Author of #1 Amazon Best Seller 'Rocket Fuel on A Budget' Joanna Rushton

Dear Michelle, Just a quick note to thank you for being a Key Note Presenter at Auckland Vibe 2013.

From feedback, I can tell you the audience found your presentation very informative and motivating. Thank you so much for delivering such interesting snippets of information. You’re a fabulous presenter. -   Gilligan Rowe + Associates LP Janet Xuccoa

I can honestly say that my life changed for the better the moment I read an article in the Ponsonby News. Every point I read I could relate to and I felt excited to learn more about what I was reading and who had written it.

By calling Michelle and meeting her for an assessment, I started a new phase in my life of living without pain. Having had the misfortune of 3 minor car accidents a year part in my early 20's, the whiplash injuries sustained led to a life of neck and back pain. This stopped me from doing things I enjoy and made for a pretty sedentary life (boring!). Within the first 2 appointments with Michelle, learning how to stand and carry myself properly, the pain was gone! With each appointment that followed I have gained strength, my mood has lifted and I can't help but tell everyone about my positive experience! The tailored online training program makes it easy to do my exercises at home and the videos Michelle takes on my phone are a good reference to make sure my technique is right. For anybody experiencing pain and discomfort in their everyday life, I can't recommend enough that you make an appointment to meet Michelle!! -    Bridget McClure

I am 70 years young and feel great and many people say, "I look great". My weight is within 5kg the last 7 years. I have been working 2 x a week when I am in the country with Michelle for over 13 years.

Before I first went to Michelle for personal "one-on-one" training, I had been working out with trainers 2 x a week in Canada and Maui, Hawaii where I spend a significant amount of time. I can honestly say that no one, in any of the nearly 40 years that I have been going to gyms, could match her knowledge and skills as a P.T. She first did a personal fitness assessment and I have had others done with her from time to time. From these assessments, she is able to see all of my body issues, including poor posture, bad hip alignment, weakness in my core and glutes and several other issues that needed attention and work. Slowly over these past years and following some of her written at home recommendations, I have seen, and so have my family and friends, a significant difference in my appearance. My posture and core strength is now way better and needs weekly maintenance. I am playing golf pain-free and feel that my core work has been a major factor in my strength and condoning. I recently had a major medical and all my results are below my age expectations significantly. The one secret about Michelle is her knowledge on how to do any exercise "The Right Way". Through her personal CHEK training and personal development courses she attends annually and constantly, she has grown to be one of the best trainers I know. She is definitely "World Class" and stacks up against anyone. Anywhere. Michelle is not only very personable; she constantly tweaks my work and is always pointing out the correct way to do a certain exercise. I have her on my shoulder always when I train alone at home or on the road. I would be happy to expand on my thoughts on Michelle if anyone is interested. Ask Michelle as to how to contact me directly. You will be in GREAT hands and over some period of time you too can feel and see progress and a difference you will want to keep up. Ask her about other healthy lifestyle services she can provide including holistic lifestyle coaching. One last thing. We have a lot of FUN. -    Leo Slocombe

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